Happy Life without depression

Life spent with family is the happy Life. We are social animals, we cant survive in isolation. We have been brought up in a social environment and need a social life. The situation these days is the technology life or tech life. In this life there is no social environment. The thing which we see around are the gadgets and we are ourself responsible for such situation. What future we are giving to our children. They are just enjoying gadgets rather than social interactions. We should not forget that it only this social network like facebook, whattsapp, T.V. which is making us to suffer from depression. What is depression? It is simply holding a glass of water for whole day. We should leave the glass of problems and then see how our life becomes Happy Life without depression. Let us leave our problems and depressions to our God. He will make u happy and will give you eternal bliss. Think and act. God is always with us. The only thing we need is his faith and blessings. The Sun always shine, rains always occur. The rain water should be harvested by keeping our utensil mouthup. We have tilted our utensils and expect to have rain water. Only by making our life towards God we can get the right sunshine and rain.



What is stress? Stress is nothing but to overthink a situation without having faith in God. A person who is holding a glass of water in his hand will feel a small strain for 5 minutes. But if he continues to hold the glass of water for one day he may suffer paralytic attack with strong strain. Stress is same situation. We can create it or increase it. All depends on our perception. Lets not make our life stressful but try to make it smooth and easy going. Situations should not shape you but you shoud change the situations to make a bright destiny.


Life is bed of roses and thorns. We come to this world with the effects of our previous life’s karmas. The life is not an easy fare. In this life we have to suffer hardships as well as good times. Life is a mystery. we dont know when we will get good as well as bad time. We have to accept all the situations with happy face. God is always with us to guide through tough situations but we peple dont find him becoz we are lost in the worldly sorrows and pleasures. God asks us to come to him but we dont find even a single minute in the whole day to come to God for solace. If a child wont go to his father how can father give sweets to the child. We are ourself reluctant to see God. He is always around us. Then why God we are not approaching you for our problems. Why? we are busy in our shallow and false lives. Why? What is this hurdleous situation which we all are facing? why we are lost ? Why?

The Little Kid

What ? Yes we are talking about the Kid. Rather Little Kid who is new to this world. He has to acclimatize with the surroundings. He is new to this universe. The only thing he knows is to get air for respiration and feed i.e mother milk for surviving. As the kid grows his demands and adaptations increases. He now wants to be recognized and wants much more than air and feed. Now he begins to play with toys and adds fruits and cereals to his feed. The little kid is still in dilemma what exactly this world wants from him. He continuously asks the parents and relative why? and how? to satisfy his quests. The list of quest increases as the knowledge increases. He now wants to play with friends and peers. Now he begins to enjoy life in school and surroundings. He gets accommodated in the society. He learns the rules of the society. Though he is still untouched with the selfishness of the world. He is still pure and charming. he is free from the worldly greed and lust. The only thing he now accepts is the possession. He now begins to be possessive to his toys, clothes and articles. He is least bothered about sharing is caring. He thinks sharing is taking and not giving. The reason behind this is the one child concept these days. Parents are happy with only one child and they dint want to have more as it will add to more responsibilities. But what about the little kid? He wants peers and friends to play. He now begins to look for friends in the surroundings, in the schools. He get there but still there is void in the home. He try to get close to television serials where he learns how kids are playing with the gadgets and specially robots like doraemon. He involves himself in the TV serial characters and is satisfied and obsessed with their stories and gadgets. Now the little kid has got adjustments with the new world where once he was alien. Now he has learned how to feel happy and satisfied with the gadgets. If he has no brother / sister he is still happy with the nuclear family. He was born and brought up in such atmosphere. He learns in order to be always happy, you have to struggle continuously. he wins this struggle. But still he is a little kid unaware of worldly lust and selfishness.

Daily titbits

Today was a great day as I visited my spiritual master’s house at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. There was satsang or spiritual discourse of 45 minutes. I was with my son Aarav , 4 years old. We were a bit late but I could get the jist of discourse. It was about the usefulness of living master. Only living master can enlighten us by initiating us. The Radhasoami Sect is full of spiritual bliss and master has always blessed me and my family. The whole day was awesome with quality time spent in playing with my son and discussions with my wife whom I am married since 2011. We share a unique chemistry with wife being Physics Postgraduate and I being Agriculture Doctorate.Both of us are blend of traditional and modern rituals . We believe in living life with full enthusiasm and charm. Our son adds spice to our life being lifeline of our life. Today we spent time in rehearsing him for his upcoming fancy dress competition in which he is acting as Swami Vivekananda. My wife is multi-talented and she stitched his dress by seeing it on YouTube video once. It was perfect on his body after the completion of stitching. He enjoyed the new dress and was excited to show it to his grandmother who was also there in the evening. In nut shell Sunday was Funday today with blessings of Almighty and master.


Spiritual Nudgets

What is spiritual? Anything that make our soul blissful and enlightened is spiritual. There is lot of difference between being spiritual and pretending to be spiritual. Recently many babas have been accused of hurting the sentiments of innocent people by misleading them just for money and personal lustful gains. We the Indians are mostly religious by birth as we have religion in our surroundings. Just like giving wheat flour bread to cow every morning. Giving chapatti to dog. Going to temple on festivals and Navratras and enjoying satsangs i.e truthfullness. But these so called religious saints who exploit the innocent people are fradulents and cannot be trusted blindly. There are certain sects in India who still lead the people in right direction and are really spiritual in true sense. But as we know one bad apple spoils the whole bunch similarly few corrupt and unscrupulous saints stains the truthful and spiritual saints. But we have to make a proper choice. This has to be done witfully and slowly after seeing all the pros and cons. But again it is said that the God i.e almighty himself attract us to the saint we deserve. This is not in our hand. it is the result of our past karmas which bring us in the vicinity of unscrupulous or truthful saint. We have to just obey the orders of our master, God i.e almighty. The jist of this nudget is that we should not be ignorant. One of the reason for huge following of unscrupulous babas is the poverty and depression which is increasing in India due to corrupt political leaders and reservation menace. The skilled and taleneted peple have to resort to bad deeds because they are not given ample opportunities to express themselves. They remain on the mercy of rich and influential people who treat them as animals. But the silverline is that we should live in the will of almighty because he is the right judge for our future and spiritual gains.

Love and Almighty

Love the Almighty. He is inside you. You will receive his bliss inside your soul. Just be with God. God is the supernatural power and originator of this world’s beautiful creatures having wonderful soul. Be yourself. Never try to be imposter or follower. Follow your soul and you will be followed. Don’t be a looser ; be a winner. It’s only you who has abundant energy equal to 10 suns of solar system. So awake arise and stop not until your goal of Unification with the Almighty God is achieved.

Scale Your Goals

This is the first blog from me. It depicts the reality of life. A pencil, eraser and sharpener.

This is what we do in our entire life. Pencil represents a normal human life. We are born with a normal life unknown to the tactics of this world. Slowly slowly we are sharpened with the situations and hardships of life. The sharpening make us more mature and responsible person in life. Still we keep on doing mistakes. The God is just like eraser. he keeps on erasing our mistakes. The day we understand how god is erasing our mistakes and giving us a new chance to become a good human being; Is the real day of our life. On that day we are totally transformed. At that point of life we surrender fully to the will of God and take his orders as our destiny. It is on that day we get baptized i.e we get a new life. It takes several years to several births for us to get remolded. The time is given by God to everyone for transformation but it is only that when with his will we get awareness we start to choose right path and stop using eraser. Now the pencil of our life writes without doing mistakes and we become soulmates with God. It is the right time when we scale our real goal of life and fulfil the wish of our master.